Purpose of the Following General Sales terms and Conditions (hereinafter, General Terms) is to discipline the long distance purchase of products, through internet network, from website http://www.castorswheels.com (hereinafter Website).

CDRITALY S.r.l. (hereinafter, CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS) is the owner of the Website CASTORSWHEELS.COM – registered office in via G. Boccaccio, 38-38a Calenzano (FI) 50041, enrolled in the Registry of Business/ Registro delle Imprese di Firenze 03271310488, Partita IVA Codice Fiscale /VAT Tax code nr. 03271310488.

Acceptance of the general sales conditions

All purchases of Products through the Website (hereinafter, Purchase Contracts) effected by the users (hereinafter, Clients) are regulated by these General Terms, as well as by the Consumer code (codice del consume) (Legislative Decree nr. 206/2005), section III Distance Contracts (arts. 50 – 67) and the regulations for electronic trade (Legislative Decree 70/2003). Concluding the Purchase Contracts, as per procedure, the Client accepts and commits to observe the present General Terms.

Therefore, the Client is invited to carefully read the General Terms before submitting any purchase commitment, Once the Website purchasing procedure is finalized it is it is recommended to print or to store the General Terms. CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS reserves the right to modify without prior notice the content of the General Terms. The Purchase Contracts will be regulated by the General terms published on the Site at the time of the order's placement.


http://www.castorswheels.com is a website eligible to sell wheels and general equipments (hereinafter: the Products) All Products are detailed in the Website, within their respective sections, classified by merchandise category.

The visual representation of the Products on the Website, where available, usually matches the photo image of the Products, and has the purpose to show them for the sale, without any CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS' , guarantee or commitment regarding the exact correspondence between the image on the Website with the real Product, especially concerning the exact product's finishing and the packaging.

In case of any discrepancy between the image and the written data sheet, the data sheet's description always prevails

Purchasing procedure

The Client can purchase the Products listed on the webcatalogue CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS, which are carefully detailed on the Webisite http://www.castorswheels.com within their respective sections, classified by merchandise category, as illustrated in the written details sheets on the Website. Any order form, other than above mentioned one, will be valid only upon CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS' acceptance.

The publication of the Products on the Website has to be considered as invitation to the Client to formulate a contractual purchase proposal. The order, sent by the client, is valid as contract proposal and implies full knowledge and full acceptance of the present General Terms.

There is no order minimum requirement

CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS acknowledges receipt of the Client's commitment through automatic reply sent to the Client's email address, it only acknowledges correct receipt of the proposal through the computer systems. This confirmation message indicates an "order number" which has to be specified in all correspondence with CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS.

The message, besides all the information mandatory by law, mentions all the datas entered by the Client, who is bound to check their accuracy and to advise immediately any discrepancy. Potential increase of expenses due to datas' mistakes not promptly informed, will be at Client's charge.

As soon as the order has been sent, the Client can check it on the Website by logging in the personal area.The order can be cancelled till the time it will be sent to the warehouse for the preparation.

Online login and order transmission shall affect the effective availability of the Products. CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS cannot grant the delivery or allocation timing of the ordered merchandise. Whether, Products selected by the Client, will not be in full or in part available, the order will be sent with available Products upon written information to the Client about the not available Products.

Any purchase contract between CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS and the Client is finalized with the acceptance of the order by CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS. CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS has the authority to accept or reject, at its own discretion, the order sent by the Client. The Client waives any and all claims, including compensation, in the event of order's rejection for any reason.

Specifically, CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS, reserve the right not to accept purchase proposals and to cancel orders which do not grant sufficient financial solvency, or in case – upon double checking with the circuit handling the credit cards payment – the result is of anomalies in transaction and in the payment method the Client used.

The order confirmation is released to the Client as soon as the designed courier picks up the Products. At the same time the invoice is issued as well.

Prices of the products

Prices of the Products are clearly specified on the Website. Delivery costs are highlighted at the order placement, their amount is subject to the delivery and payment methods, as well as the final destination and the total amount of the order. Any shipment, not foreseen in the calculating parameter of the Website, will be quoted directly by the Company.

Delivery terms and costs

CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS ships to all countries listed on the Website, delivery will not be scheduled by appointment.

At the time the courier picks up the Products for the shipment, the Company issues the invoice for Purchased Products, and sends it to the Client's email's address. Invoice is issued based on the information provided by the Client. Client's datas cannot be modified once the invoice has been issued. For no reason CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS is responsible for any delays in order's fulfillment, or in the delivery of the Products of the Purchase Contract.

Ordered Products will be shipped to the postal address provided by the Client.

Delivery time changes according to the final destination of the merchandise. At the order placement on the Website, the Customer Care Service will inform the Client via email about the latest foreseen delivery time. Despite CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS undertakes to guarantee the fastest delivery time, the average is from 2 up to 5 working days.

Deliveries are from Monday to Friday, during business hours, excluding National Holidays.

Delivery is completed as soon as the Product is available to the Client at the address provided in the order form.

In cases of non-delivery due to the absence of the recipient at the specified address, the Courier will send an email informing the Client that will attempt a new delivery the day after.

In case of failure of the second delivery attempt due to the recipient absence, the ordered Products will be sent back to CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS, which will reserve the right to charge the Client of the costs for the missed deliveries.

At the time the CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS' designated courier delivers the Products, the Client is required to carefully inspect:

  1. The Label is intact and the package not damaged or not changed in any way.
  2. The delivered units match with the units specified on the transport document.

In case of any discrepancy, it has immediately to be notified on the courier's document indicating ‘subject to inspection" specifying (ie damaged box, wet, punched…) , as well as on the delivery document and the Customer Care Service of the Website has to be informed by mail within and not later than 5 days from the merchandise receipt. Any notification after this timing, will not be accepted. The Client undertakes the responsibility of any given declaration.

ATTENTION: by accepting the delivered merchandise without notifying that it is subject to control, it will not be possible to claim missing pieces or damages due to the transportation.

In the event of major forces, transport vehicles unavailability, as well as unforeseen or inevitable events which might cause delivery delays or difficult, impossible deliveries, or delivery at very high expenses at CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS charges, CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS is entitle to split, postpone or cancel in whole or in part the foreseen delivery, as well as to terminate the Purchase Contract. In this case CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS will inform the Client of its intention sending an email to the given email address. The client is allowed to be refunded of the amount already paid, excluding any further claim or request towards CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS.

Payment method

Purchased Products payment can be effected through Credit Card, PayPal, and Wire bank transfer following below instruction:

Online Credi Card

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Vpay, Maestro. All datas are encrypted transferred using SSL certificate, therefore cannot be intercepted by external third party. Order's amount is not immediately charged on the credit card, it will be charged later within the time limit authorized by the Client.


PayPal is a fast and secure payment method. Selecting PayPal payment, the Client will be redirected to the PayPal website. The Client has to login to the account entering personal email and password. Once registered PayPal payments can be processed without re-entering the datas, even for future purchases.

Selecting PayPal payment the amount is charged directly to the assigned credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard) or to the prepaid (PostePay) . PayPal protects all Client's information, as no financial detail is transmitted. PayPal will send a confirmation email for any effected transaction. In case of cancellation the amount will be reimbursed on Client's PayPal account. This means also that in case of order's cancellation by the Client (through reserved area, or through request sent to Customer Care Service) no amount will be charged, therefore CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS will not have to fulfill any reimbursement.

In case of any failure in delivering the merchandise due to the lack of products, CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS will refund the Client of the total amount paid, whether there is no option to supply similar/compatible items to those previously ordered.

Bank wire transfer

The Client can effect payment through Bank wire transfer to:

CDRITALY S.r.l. Banco Fiorentino – Agenzia Sesto Fiorentino
IBAN CODE: IT 95 S 08325 38100 000000080279 – SWIFT CODE: ICRA IT RR 910

Payment description must include: purchase order's number, Client's name and last name. Once wire transfer is effected, the payment document attesting the CRO number has to be emailed to info@castorswheels.com in order to expedite the merchandise delivery.


All Products sold are guaranteed by CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS pursuant arts 130 e 132 Legislative Decree 206/2005 - The warranty period is of 1 year for sales direct to Business Companies, and 2 years for sales direct to private consumer.

Right to withdrawal

Any Purchase on the Website http://www.castorswheels.com is governed by these General Terms, as well as by Italian law regulating the mail orders and sales at distance.

Pursuant to art 52 and Legislative Decree. 206/2005 (Consumer Code/Codice del Consumo), The consumer Client (physical person who purchases merchandise for purposes not related to the business activity, or without specifying the VAT number) has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation, within 14 (fourteen) days from the merchandise receipt's date.

In order to exercise this right, the Client must send immediately, within the above mentioned timing, a formal notice clearing requesting to terminate the contract, choosing one of the following method:

  • Registered mail, return receipt requested, to be sent to: CDRITALY S.r.l., Via G. Boccaccio 38/ 38° - 50041 - Calenzano -FI- ITALIA.
  • Email message sent to: orders@castorswheels.com.

The request of merchandise replacement / return must mandatory include following details: name and last name of the Client, Purchase Order number, Invoice number and date together with detailed description of the items to be returned. Our operator will verify if the order has the requirements for the return, in positive case will send a confirmation email with authorization number to the Client's address previously specified.

Attention!! Before merchandise shipment, please wait for written notice from the Company - Not authorized return will not be managed

Products to be returned must be sent back within 14 (fourteen) days from the notification of the intention to terminate the Contract. Merchandise has to be returned to:

Via G. Boccaccio 38/ 38a
50041 Calenzano -FI- ITALIA

Returned Merchandise travels under Client's liability. The Client must take all the necessary steps so that the merchandise arrives in perfect condition. The substantial integrity of the items to be returned, is a fundamental requirement for exercising the right of withdrawal.

Above mentioned merchandise (to be returned) must be carefully packed, together with any accessory and all parts which were included in the original package. Once verified the integrity of the returned merchandise , CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS will take care to refund the Client for the total amount paid for the Products as per Purchase Contract object of the withdrawal, within and no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the returned items.

CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS will reimburse the total amount of the order in whole, or in part, in case of partial return, through bank wire transfer, or other method agreed between CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS and the Client.

Based on current regulation CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS will reimburse the amount the Client paid at Products cost. Transport costs for the return of the merchandise are at Client's charge.

The right for replacement ceases if the returned merchandise does not comply with following requirements:

  • Inadequate packaging
  • Missing integral components of the item (ie accessories)
  • Damage caused by overuse / Utilization

Non Compliant Products and Defective Products

Products offered on the Website are compliant with the National and Community legislation in force in Italy. Images and colors of the Products represented on the Website could appear to be slightly different from the real ones due to local system set and/or to the particular configuration of the electronic device used for the visualization.

In the event of non-conformity defect of the Purchased Products against the description published on the Website, and in the event of defective Product, the Client has the right to be refunded or to have the non-compliant item replaced.

CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS will provide detailed instruction for the reimbursement, which could be effected also through discount vouchers valid on the next purchase having higher value than the value of the merchandise to be refunded. Any further liability of CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS is excluded for any reason

Personal Data Treatment

CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS treats Client's data according to the current legislation on the protection of personal data as specified in the information in the dedicated section called "Privacy Policy"

Communications and claims

Any communication or claim of the Client towards CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS regarding Purchase Contract must be notified trough the dedicated contact FORM on the Website

Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks (registered and not), as well as any ingenious work, distinctive sign or denomination, image, photo, written text or graphic text and more in general any other immaterial goods protected by the laws and by international convention concerning intellectual property and industrial property, mentioned on the Website are proprietary and shall remain the exclusive property of CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS and /or it assignors The access to the Website and or the stipulation of the Purchase Contract does not give any right to the Client with respect thereto. Any use, even partial use, of the same, is forbidden without the express written authorization of CDRITALY/CASTORSWHEELS and /or it assignors in favor of which all related rights are exclusively reserved.


All litigation arising out of the interpretation and the execution of the contracts stipulated in compliance with these General Terms will be conducted in front of the Judicial Authority qualified as per applicable legislation, in case of Client "consumer", while in case of Client "business" in front of Courts of Florence, Italy.